Aerobic Maintenance

Aerobic System Maintenance

Aerobic septic systems are made up of electronic components, moving parts, and oxygen systems. Therefore, they are more complicated than other septic systems. Proper aerobic system maintenance is required to ensure all the parts of your aerobic system are working in order.

Sludge buildup in your tank can prevent oxygen from entering the system. As a result, the waste will not be treated sufficiently. Consider hiring a septic specialist from our team every four months to check the aerobic system and pump tanks for sludge buildup.

Do’s For Aerobic System Maintenance

  • Inspect Your Septic System On A Regular Basis
  • Pump Out Whenever Necessary
  • Control Water Usage
  • Solids Should Be Flushed Down The Drains
  • Septic Tank Additives Should Be Added

Schedule Pumping Now

R & R Construction, Inc. is a full-service rental and septic construction company specializing in pumping septic tanks. We have more than 40 years of experience offering top-notch septic tank maintenance services to clients across West Texas. You can rely on us for aerobic treatment maintenance.

We suggest that the aerobic system should be pumped every 3 – 5 years. So, have you recently pumped your system? No? Then contact us now to schedule pumping.

Don’t Compromise With Maintenance

Homeowners who switch from a municipal sewer system to an aerobic system may find it difficult to adjust to their new lifestyle. But,they must ensure that their sewer tanks are well-maintained so that they can last for decades.  Contact R & R Construction, Inc. for more information on septic tank service and maintenance.