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Everything You Need to Know About Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic tanks are large containers buried underground. They treat wastewater that flows out from home. The construction materials of these tanks are mainly fiberglass, concrete, plastic, etc. Scum and sludge may build up in the tank over time and reduce the water draining rate of the tank. Cleaning the tank is essential to get rid of the scum and sludge buildup. Lack of cleaning will make the system inefficient, and therefore it will be unable to treat the wastewater effectively that flows through it.

R & R Construction, Inc. is a full-service rental and septic construction company that also offers septic tank cleaning throughout the Permian Basin.  You can hire us to clean your septic tank to ensure that it is working efficiently. Here we will take you through a complete guide and reveal all the information about septic tank cleaning.

Importance of Regular Septic Tank Cleaning

Our septic tank experts are well trained and experienced. During the pumping or cleaning process, the service technician will inspect the entire system to find out potential problems in the tank that can become serious in the future. Not hiring a service technician means the potential problem will go unnoticed, and sooner it will result in cracks or leaks in the system. You may have to replace the entire septic system because of this, which will cost you thousands of dollars. However, our service technician will find and fix the problem before it appears and save you from expensive repair or replacement.

Septic tank cleaning also removes excess buildup inside the tank. It breaks down solids & sludge and prevents potentially hazardous materials from passing into the drain field. When the solids and sludge are appropriately kept in the septic tank for breakdown, the neighboring water sources and environment are safe and clean.

How Often Should You Clean?

It depends on how many people you have in the home. The more members you have, the more frequently you should clean. But most industry experts, including us, agree that a septic tank should be cleaned every two to four years. But please remember this is just an estimate. The frequency of the cleaning ultimately depends on the number of occupants living in the house and the overall condition of the leach field and the septic tank. 

Signs You Should Clean

Even if you have recently cleaned the tank, there are signs that indicate maintenance is required. These signs are as follows:

  1. Drains and toilets are running slow 
  2. Sign of buildup in the system
  3. Unusual bad odors in the toilets and around the sinks and drains
  4. Clog in the system

We hope that the importance of regular septic tank cleaning is now clear to you. The next question is, who can you trust for septic tank cleaning in Monahans, Fort Stockton or Pecos TX? R & R Construction, Inc. is a highly experienced septic tank service company serving clients since 1981. We have high-performance septic vacuum trucks that can efficiently service any septic system. You can rely on us for septic tank cleaning in West Texas

Get Your Septic Tank Pumped and Cleaned from the Experts

R & R Construction, Inc. is a highly experienced full-service rental and septic construction company serving clients since 1981.  We started our journey by installing septic systems. But throughout these 40+ years, we have continued adding new services to our portfolio to meet the diverse needs of the customers. We offer septic tank pumping throughout West Texas, to include: Monahans, Midland, Odessa, Pecos, Fort Stockton, Kermit and Andrews, TX.  R&R Construction has multiple septic trucks to handle most applications.  We have large 3,300 gallon septic vacuum trucks for commercial septic systems and 4x4 septic vacuum trucks to pump tanks in rough and sandy conditions.  

Our technicians are highly skilled, well equipped, and experienced to service in large commercial sites, residential houses, oil & gas sites, and remote locations that are only accessible with 4×4 vehicles. Along with pumping, we also offer septic tank cleaning services, and our technicians are experts in handling both anaerobic and aerobic systems. Contact us now to schedule septic tank pumping and cleaning.