Commercial Septic Tank Pumping

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Septic Pumping – The Most Critical Procedure for Maintaining a Tank’s Efficiency

Routine septic tank maintenance is essential for your septic system, property, and the neighboring community. Pumping your tank at a regular interval is critical to maintaining your tank’s efficiency, and therefore it becomes a vital component of the maintenance routine. We recommend owners have their septic tank pumped at least once every two to three years, depending on its size and the number of occupants. Businesses may need to  opt for commercial septic tank pumping more often than residential cleanings as the number of occupants is significantly higher compared to residents. 

From cleaning out waste to preventing clogs and unwanted damages, septic pumping is inevitable if you want to maintain the maximum performance of your septic system. Below are a few more reasons that make septic pumping necessary

Prevent Backup

Preventative maintenance like pumping can avert backup, slow draining, leaking pipes, strange odors, and other similar problems from occurring. Failure to maintain a clean septic tank can cause waste and water residue that blocks the septic system and results in backups in the pipes. Ultimately it leads to septic tank clogging. A thorough and systematic pumping job will remove the excessive waste and water residue to ensure a smooth flow throughout the plumbing system.

Commercial Septic Tank Pumping

Save Money

Routine septic tank maintenance works excellent in maintaining the tank performance and extending its lifespan. The more you invest in preventative maintenance, the less you will notice unfortunate warning signs of septic system malfunctions. Pumping your septic system will keep your tank in tip-top shape and save you from unnecessary repairs and expensive property damages.

Improve Efficacy

Leaks or weird smells coming from the drain are some signs that indicate that your septic system is not working correctly. Therefore, the efficacy of your tank will be affected. Periodic maintenance will help prevent the problems mentioned above but also help to keep your tank at the proper working level. 

Protect Your Property and the Surrounding Environment

Septic tanks are susceptible to overflowing if not pumped and drained regularly. In a situation like this, the untreated wastewater can cause swampy areas around the tank, allowing raw sewage to eventually reach the surface. Exposure to sewage is nothing sort of a serious health hazard. The untreated waste can even cause flooding and wreak havoc and cause unnecessary property damage. However, opting for routine septic pumping would prevent your tank from overflowing and reduce the risk of flooding and other severe damages related to it. Along with protecting your property, pumping will also save the surrounding environment from getting polluted due to sewage exposure. 

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