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Culverts, Cattle Guards, Storm Ditches, SW3P Installations, Storm Water Prevention

R&R Construction has been in the excavation and construction business for over 40 years. Our dedicated team has built culvert structures to include concrete box culverts, precast box culverts, and headwalls for the large-diameter pipe. We start each day and project with a safety meeting and a review of the day’s activities. We offer a full suite of services that begin with excavation, culvert installation, backfilling, and roadway subgrade. We build cattle guards and cattle grids. Cattle guards and grids are used to prevent livestock from entering a production site. How does it work – the cattle guards are typically metal pipes laid over a ditch. The ditch provides a deterrent for cattle, horses, sheep, and other livestock. The pipe provides a method for vehicle traffic to enter and exit the work site. Storm Water Prevention Plan or SWP3, SWPPP, or SW3P, is a checklist of activities that reviews the project and provides controls and best practices for stormwater management. SW3P provides a coherent strategy to prevent or minimize pollutants generated at a construction site from entering surface waters. R&R Construction has experience in the development of techniques and processes to ensure SW3P is being followed and adhered to. Using SW3P ensures we maintain erosion and sediment control and best practices to control pollutants. R&R Construction has the capacity and capability to build stormwater swales and ditches. Contact R&R Construction to review your upcoming stormwater project.

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