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Right of Way Services

Mowing, Clearing, & Vegetation Management for Utilities & Pipeline Companies

Public utility and pipeline companies are required to register and maintain an easement or Right of Way (ROW) for transmission and distribution lines, oil and gas pipelines, water lines, utility lines, and roadways. Right of Way maintenance services such as mowing, clearing and vegetation management methods ensure safe, adequate clearances for electrical utility companies, power transmission companies, gas transmission companies, and pipeline companies to reduce the risk of outages, fires, and other disruptions or danger. Right of Way management is essential for efficient and timely asset management and is the greatest contributor to utility system reliability and outage management. ROW maintenance allows access to energy delivery infrastructure for inspection, maintenance, repair, and restoration of power if a problem does occur.
  • Clearing is critical for damage prevention, increased visibility, easier access, and public safety.
  • Vegetation management is the targeted control and elimination of unwanted vegetation—spanning from weeds and bushes to branches and trees.
  • Mowing is a cost-effective method for vegetation control and management.
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