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Site Development

Topsoil Clearing, Grubbing, Land Clearing, Rock Crushing, Mass Grading, Demolition

When it comes to your demolition service needs we always approach every project with safety and efficiency in mind. We always begin with a site survey of the whole building demolition project and land prior to any demolition project. This will allow us to take note of any hazardous materials that need or require special handling, or any above-ground wiring concerns as well as have a good understanding of what equipment we can best get in and out. We follow a strategic plan to ensure the surroundings of the demolition site do not harm the environment or nearby structures. Clearing and Grubbing consist of removing any surface debris from the site. This prepares the building site for pipelines, and commercial and/or residential construction. When we come in to clear and grub the site this involves clearing any necessary above-ground vegetation such as brush logs, stumps, and any removal of underground roots. This is a critical stage in the overall site development that is crucial before grading and to properly clear the land for the installation of drain lines. We use heavy equipment to perform these functions which could include operating bulldozers, dump trucks, and scrapers. Allow our expertise to assist with clearing and grubbing your site and prep the area for the next phase in your project. Full-Service Grading is the process of reshaping the soil on the building site and stabilizing it prior to construction. We will come in and begin leveling the area by moving the dirt from high and low areas. This may require us to come in with bulldozers to redistribute dirt to fill in holes where needed for land leveling and grading activity. We will use our experts to even out your building site surface, adjust the slope and elevation according to your site grading plan and allow for a solid foundation. Rock and Concrete Crushing is another service we provide. By turning your waste into something useable for other industries we help take your unwanted rock and concrete off your hands. We crush it and it helps save you time from hauling it off to the landfill yourself. Call R & R Construction for your next project. We include a diverse array of operations which include: Clearing and Grubbing, Rock and Concrete Crushing, Demolition, and Full-Service Grading. RIGHT OFF Site Development: Topsoil Clearing, Grubbing, Rock Crushing, Mass Grading, Demolition

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