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Water Management & Ponds

Detention and Retention Ponds, Frac Pits, Frac ponds, Engineered Frac Ponds, and Overflow Pits

Water Management Services:

Our Expert crews can build the right pond to suit your needs for water control. Whether you‘re in need of a detention pond or a retention pond we can walk you through the differences. A retention pond holds water and typically has a clay soil base for maintaining water levels and a detention pond is a temporary storage area for water and needs soil that is impermeable and allows water to pass through, this will require a higher sand composition. Both types of ponds are used to control rainfall and stormwater. Our team will go in and assess the land to determine where the low-lying areas are located for the most optimal placement of overland drainage. The benefits of having either detention or a retention pond on your property will out way the cost in little time especially if you are planning to repurpose that water for livestock or watering crops. Either way, having this type of water management on your property will decrease the chances of flood damage and protect your assets. The most important factor when considering a detention or a retention pond is establishing the proper positioning and looking at the size of the surface area and the rainfall. The acres or square miles of the property or surface area for drainage play a significant part in the success of the ponds’ ability to manage the rainfall. We will ensure the correct size and depth of the pond is built using our digging machines and proper grading, with our heavy equipment and excavators we have the capability of manipulating and rerouting the water flow so it is directed accurately. Another containment we build is Frac Pond also known as Frac Pits. These engineered frac ponds are used in a variety of ways. Frac pits are lined with a geomembrane which is a synthetic liner or barrier which controls the fluids in the manmade structure preventing leaks. Frac Ponds are made onsite to hold and contain water, whether it be fresh or flow back water from the well site they can also be used for the containment of drilling fluids and waste from oil and gas well sites. We know that frac pit designs greatly vary based on your needs and with potential challenges your site might have. We can help determine the best size and location needed to build your frac pit for your hydraulic fracturing sites. At R&R Construction we will always take into account local regulations to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment, considering all necessary spill protections and overflow is taken into account. We will also examine the surrounding banks to provide easy access to the bottom when the removal of sludge is required.

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