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Residential Septic


R&R Construction has decades of experience building residential septic construction systems. R&R Construction has installed Hundreds of septic tanks and drain fields in Texas. A properly functioning septic system should provide years of uninterrupted service but that is dependent on the septic tank and system is properly designed. When building a new residential septic tank and drainfield, the company needs to ensure they understand the soil conditions, septic tank materials, leveling, and flow rates.

Failed Septic System – if you have a failed cesspool or failing septic system, R&R Construction can help. We can get you recovered and fully operational in a couple of days or less. If you are noticing the pooling of water, unusual odors from your backyard, or dark green grass over a leach field, this could be an early indication of a failing system.


R&R Construction is ready at your service- with a trained team of professionals. Whether you want to buy a domestic septic tank, residential wastewater systems or require septic tank repair, cleaning, maintenance, or annual servicing, , we are always ready to help. If you hear gurgling sounds coming from the plumbing system, or if water and sewage are backing up into the property from drains, sinks, and toilets, If there is a foul odor around the septic tank and drain field, or if there are damp spots or standing water near the septic tank area- reach out to us right away!

Our skilled team will thoroughly inspect your septic system and recommend the best solution for it. If you are looking for a residential septic tank dealer to ask about residential septic system costs, call us right away! We respond quickly to customer calls and reach out to them as soon as possible. We charge reasonable fees while providing unrivaled quality in all septic tank services.

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